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Telecare systems allow the elderly and people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes and to call for assistance in the case of an emergency. The familiar home environment provides a greater quality of life for the user. The Telecare device plugs into a mains power socket, and either a telephone socket or broadband modem or use the SCAIP GSM for those who do not have a telephone. The device will make a call to either a 24-hour monitoring centre or the mobile phone of a family member/contact upon the activation of a radio transmitter button, or a wireless peripheral such as a smoke detector or movement sensor. In the following, we briefly explain what should be observed when buying a Telecare device, so that users and family members can be sure of having a reliable system that adapts to their own individual needs.

How much does the Telecare device cost?

The cost of a Telecare system can depend on whether the device is installed and monitored by a local authority, city council or a private company.
There is usually an installation fee of between £25.00 and £50.00 for the device. Added to this is a monthly rental or monitoring charge of approximately £9.99 to £27.99 or more.
Some providers allow you to purchase the unit outright with a one-off payment, then the user simply pays monthly monitoring and service charge.
If you require further details on any product, please follow the link on the Products tab as detailed above.

Other services connected with the Telecare system:

What do I need to take into consideration when choosing the right service provider?


The demographic shift in the UK is raising questions about care during old age. For many people, life in an assisted-care facility is becoming less and less likely. Some of the deciding arguments against a nursing home include relinquishing your independence and the need to leave your own familiar environment. However, the issue of humane and respectful care while simultaneously maintaining independence is of concern not only to the elderly. People with limited mobility and other complex needs also face difficulties and rely on assistance. With Telecare systems by our partners, these issues can be addressed with people being given the choice to stay in a familiar environment and still maintain their independence.



Telecare systems allow people the opportunity to stay in their own homes and keep that independence, but still be able to call for help if necessary. With Telecare systems, those who live alone in particular, can lead independent daily lives and therefore not rely on other people’s help. As a result, they can maintain social contacts and their ability to receive visitors is not limited to visiting hours. This makes it possible to achieve an appropriate quality of life which contributes to the wellbeing of our customers. Moreover, the use of the Telecare system as opposed to accommodation in a care facility, also represents a significant financial saving. The decision to have a Telecare system therefore has several benefits compared to residential care homes or nursing facilities. There are several Telecare systems offered by our trusted partners, if you require further details on any product please follow the link to their web sites found in the Partners section above.

Hawkeye Security Care Ltd works with a wide variety of different manufacturers to ensure that our customers can always source the best equipment possible to meet their individual needs.

Why does GPS sometimes show me in the wrong place?

Many things can degrade GPS positioning accuracy. Common causes include:

Far less common causes may include:

In many cases, a device's GPS hardware is working fine, but its mapping software is faulty. For example, users are often misled by:

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