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The Bold Locator system is a high level, integrated lone worker monitoring solution. The system is designed to provide a fast and accurate location fix when an alert is raised and also allows the user to log timed locations when entering potentially high risk situations.

Using a lone worker smart phone app or approved device such as BoldSafe, the user’s location, voice and SOS message is communicated to the Gemini alarm monitoring software as a high priority alarm. The voice call is automatically answered with instant recording and logging. The operator can listen to both recorded and live video to verify the incident, with full two-way speech where supported by the device. GPS co-ordinates are transmitted when the app or device is activated, allowing response services to identify and, if necessary, track the user’s location.

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Responses may be automated, for example, by generating a SMS or email message to a co-worker or, where an attack has been verified, the operator can contact the Police for immediate response. The ACPO Unique Reference Number scheme for obtaining Police response and false alarm management is fully supported. Bold Locator also supports geo-spatial geofences and asset pairing to provide the highest levels of protection.

Our solutions are designed to signal and send audio directly to the monitoring control room rather than to third party web sites, which can be slow and unstable. An important consideration is ongoing licencing and mobile tariff costs. Bold systems are configured to minimise false alarms and potentially costly SMS signalling.

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About Bold

Bold has been developing alarm communications and management systems for the alarm central station and ARC market for over 30 years and supports more UK alarm and CCTV monitoring control rooms than any other supplier. Operating from two UK locations – our corporate HQ in Warrington, Cheshire and our Customer Support and Technical Centre in Exeter, Devon – Bold is the recognised leader in providing solutions for every type of alarm monitoring with its Gemini management software.

Our monitoring solutions are open platform - we work with the widest range of security product manufacturers to deliver a solution that fits your requirements. We believe our products should not just look good, be easy to use and be totally reliable, we also believe that whatever we do must add value to our customer's operations. Our products and services are constantly reviewed and audited to ensure quality and innovation. We work with the market leading alarm panel, CCTV and access control manufacturers to deliver advanced signal monitoring solutions, but primarily we work with our users in a collaborative process to ensure our solutions work fully in accordance with your requirements.

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