Hawkeye 24-7

Hawkeye 24-7 can provide peace of mind to a large group of people with varied occupations and lifestyles. This includes Lone Workers and Lone Travellers, also those who live alone with the added difficulty of limited mobility or other complex needs but who wish to remain independent.

In the form of a discreet pendant that can be worn on a lanyard around the neck or on a keyring, the device is supplied in a choice of colours according to your preference.

The pendant offers the wearer 24-7 security of knowing that should the device be activate by the push of a button, our fully trained Monitoring Operators will respond by listening and talking to the wearer at the same time being able to obtain a fixed location using the built in GPS tracker and our compatible monitoring platform.

Should assistance be needed, medical or emergency, it can be requested and directed to the correct location.

The lightweight device includes the following features:

Advanced Location Features

Hawkeye Security Care Alarm Receiving Centre will monitor the devices 24-7. When the device is switched on, we will receive a notification, the device will then provide a tracking signal every 15 minutes until it is switched off, this will give us details of the last location with the time and GPS coordinates.

Battery Charge

The pendant is supplied with a small charging base unit that can either be plugged into a mains 3 pin socket, or a USB port. This means that if you are away from home or travelling, you can still ensure the device is charged. A full charge will last for approximately 12 hours and in addition we will also receive an alert when the battery is running low.

Large SOS Button

The device features a large SOS button suitable especially for those with limited motor skills. Once pressed the device’s GPS pin points the location and provides a two-way, hands-free recorded voice link with our Operators.

Roaming SIM

The device is fitted with a roaming SIM card which ensures that it connects to any available mobile phone network within the UK and Europe.

Water Resistant

Water, dust and impact resistant. The device is built to withstand the rigours of daily life. Supplied in a variety of colours at no added cost, with ready to wear lanyards.

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